Beginners Lesson 11

This lesson is about Barre chords. Guitar barre chords are a type of movable chord form. These are chords you can shift up and down the fretboard in their fixed

Chords for Maeri from Euphoria

Teriyaan, meriyaan pul gayaa
Pul gayaa haar te jeet

chords for Choo lo from The Local Train

            E           B        A          B
Khada hoon aaj bhi waheen, ki dil phir bekarar hai
            E           B        A          B
Khada hoon aaj bhi waheen, ki tera intezaar hai

Chords for Bandeh by Indian Ocean

Are ruk ja are thum ja
        Cm                    Ab                    Bb        Cm
Are ruk ja re bandhe are thum ja re bandhe ki kudrat has padegi ho

Chords for Am I dreaming From Parikrama

 E               E
Thought I’d risen from my slumber
E               E
As I fathom the spell I’m under