Beginners Lesson 2

This lesson is all about tuning your guitar.
For beginners, you should Learn to tune the standard tuning of guitar.

Tuning with a tuning software:
Go to downloads section of the blog and download the Pitch perfect tuning software to your computer and install it. Now put your mic near the sound hole of guitar (if using mic as an input device). Alternately you can use your guitar's jack for inputting.
now strike a string n check if there is a fluctuation on the pitch perfect's screen. if still there is written 'no signal' then check your mic settings.
Now after adjusting your mic's settings click on first string and strike your thinnest string. Check the fluctuation. Now tune your guitar to "E" note. (for this match green line with red line). This will be near to 4th E note.
Now when you're done move to next string. Click on "B" string on the software and tune your second thinner string. Match your string's tuning to the string you've selected on the software and do this for all other strings and you're done.

Tuning by ear:
For tuning by ears you should remember the sound of "E" note on the thinnest string. Let's assume your first or the thinnest string is tuned. After you've tuned it (let's assume that you've done) move to second string. Your second string's sound must match the first string's sound when you press your finger on fifth fret on the second string.
For the third string put your finger on 4th fret and match the sound with 2nd string.(when i say match the sound with x string then the x string must be played open. means you will not place any finger on the x string.)
For the 4th string put your finger on 5th fret and match it with 3rd string.
Now for the 5th string put your finger on 5th fret and match it with 4th string.
Now for the 6th string put your finger on 5th fret and match it with 5th string,
and you're done for a standard tuning.